Following the Committee for the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) in the U.S., the Canadian Women Economist Network (CWEN), the Royal Economic Society’s Committee for Women in Economics (RESCWE) in the UK, and the Economic Society of Australia's Committee for Women Economists, the Chinese Women Economists Network (CHWEN) is the fifth network for women economists in the world, conceived at the 3rd CEAC in Shanghai in December 2003. With representatives of CSWEP and CWEN having participated in its inauguration ceremony, CHWEN provides a communication platform for Chinese women economists.

The Chinese Women Economists Network's mission is to:
  • Provide a communication platform for Chinese women economists;
  • Improve the presence of women in economic research;
  • Encourage research of women and gender issues, and to bring gender perspective to economic research and policy analysis;
  • Enhance communication and cooperation between Chinese women economists and economists overseas.

Main Activities
The activities of the Chinese Women Economists Network include:
The network assists The Chinese Women Economists Research and Training Program at Peking University's National School of Development by publicizing the training program and helping selecting candidates for research training.
The network organizes an annual international symposium on gender, development, and micro data empirical research. The network also organizes special sessions for women economists at the Chinese Economics Annual Conference and the annual conferences organized by the Chinese Economists Society which help Chinese women economists disseminate research outcomes and develop academic contracts.
The network emphasizes research outcome dissemination, having set up working paper series, providing paper submissions to peer-reviewed journals and organizing book publications.
Research Visits
The network facilitates outstanding members to visit their mentors both overseas and at Peking University to collaborate on publications, or attend national/international conferences.
Information Sharing
A website has been set up to disseminate information on academic activities including training programs, research funding, and conferences, as well as to facilitate a literature survey.
The network organizes luncheon gatherings for women economists at China Economics Annual Conference. It strengthens ties and communication among women economists.

Membership and Organization
The Chinese Women Economists Network is open to all women who are interested in economic research in China.
Currently, the network has more than 300 members.
After its inauguration in 2003, the CHWEN passed a charter stipulating the network’s governance structure. By the Charter, CHWEN members vote every two years to elect an executive committee of seven members, which takes charge of CHWEN activities. Liu Xiaoyun from China Agricultural University currently serves as the General Secretary of the Executive Committee, succeeding Pang Lihua from Peking University and Du Fenglian from Inner Mongolia University, the two previous General Secretaries.
Executive Committee:
Liu Xiaoyun
Qi Liangshu
Pang Xiaopeng
Feng Jin
Ding Sai
Hu Jie
Liu Huixia